IGEM-Innovative Greentechnology Engineering Methodologies

green world

We are a group of professionals who are involved in the green technology field and who are very passionate about helping out improving our way of life. Specifically, we are targeting the greentechnology field by encouraging everyone to think green. We all know and are aware that we have a good time during the twentieth century where we unintentionally overburnt our un-renewable energy sources thereby creating a huge amount of carbon dioxide detriment to our sensitive climate. We are now in the twentieth first century and we are finding that the world is begining to change for the worst as warm climate melts away the glacials giving rise to an increase in sea levels.

But we have to do something otherwise the damage to our ecosystem will bring forth irreversible changes like weather disruptions. One practical course is for us to encourage the use of green technologies especially in areas that we have taken for granted that we have an infinite amount of fossil fuels. Unfortunately we only have a limited amount of fossile fuel and with the global population touching eight billion come 2020, we might not make it to the next century. At IGEM, we are helping the many emerging green technologies to have a common platform so that buyers and sellers know each other. In short we are providing a green platform for all the stake holders to connect to each other and partake in serious activities that will help sustain our lives. IGEM will consist of four main sectors and listed under Energy, Buildings, Water/Waste and Transport. You will find players listed under these titles.